Chevron SOLD

Anyone else stop getting their royalty checks from Chevron? I heard through the grapevine they just sold their position in Carter County and wondering if I just got lost in the transfer. Does anyone know who they sold to so I can get caught up?

Look up the well records. It will show who the operator is currently.

If you have difficulty finding the well records post more info and someone can help you locate them.

We only typically get paid by Chevron in Jan and July on our well in neighboring Stephens county, so it is not overdue yet. It is literally 5 miles from Carter county. But this well has not transferred away from Chevron.

Who did they sell to and was it the Carter, Grady area only?

Just heard it was Casillas…Carter and Stephens.

I received a check from Chevron yesterday on our property in Stephens County for production through May 2018. There is nothing on currently on file with the OCC transferring ownership.


What about Casillas, Ryan? What is this the answer to?

Just found the question to your answer. Sorry I bothered you.

No bother at all!