Chevron division order for Williams property

I’m hoping someone on the forum can help. We inherited oil rights for properties in Eddy county. So far we have found, on the NM OCD site, all of the information on the leases, except for one division order. This division order is operated by Chevron, Williams property Section 35 T23S R28E. There isn’t an API # attached. So far in my search I can only find property named Layla on that location operated by Mewbourne oil. My questions… could the property name have been changed? Is there information on the division order that is missing? Did Mewbourne purchase the rights from Chevron, and how can I find that information? I appreciate any insight you can offer. Thanks!

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There were two old Williams gas wells in Sec 35 that are plugged. They were both drilled by HNG Oil back in the 70s, CVX took over operatorship of the one in the NW4 in I think 2006 and then transferred operatorship to Penroc in 2014. Penroc plugged the well in 2021. That was API 3001522759.

Mewbourne drilled a bunch of Layla wells. The first one in 2002 (vertical). I doubt they purchased rights from Chevron. They probably just pooled whatever leases exist there to drill the horizontal wells. But I don’t know. Some of the Layla wells are just in Sec 35. Some are Sec 26/35 (W2).

Can property names change? Sure.
Can you have wells with all sorts of different names in the same section? Sure Did any wells change name from Williams to Layla? Nope

Thank you NMoilboy, I appreciate the detailed insight. It’s a mystery for now, but it’s also been fun sleuthing the info. If I find an answer, I’ll post it. NMOCD order for Layla wells filed by Mewbourne and noting Chevron’s leasehold. This may be what you need

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