Chevron and Anadarko in West TX


Chevron and Anadarko are merging. I am from out of state with Anadarko as my Lessee. With the change would these leases be up for renegotiation? I suspect not but does anyone have any opinions or thoughts?


No, those leases will remain in effect.


I was going to ask the same thing as we have wells with anadarko as well. Can we expect any changes in production or anything like that?


Current production will have natural decline that is expected. Leases will remain in effect. Chevron may have different goals than Anadarko, so that will take a while to unfold. I worked many years in my former company as partners with Chevron and they have good folks working for them. Know lots of folks at Anadarko as well, so hope they keep as many as possible.

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Yeah understood on natural decreases. Our well is fairly new so hopefully it produces for awhile now.


With Anadarko being your lessee, the lease will be assigned to Chevron. There will not be any renegotiations. Your lease most likely gives them the right to assign the lease without your consent. If your consent is needed, which can not be unreasonably withheld, you will be notified by Anadarko.


Not surprising but it would be nice for me if I could tweak it a little more to my favor.


Hello All, here’s an update related to the acquisition of Anadarko by Chevron:

Follow-on acquisitions are expected. Obviously no guarantees, but this has been news since before CERA week.


Anadarko is not playing WELL here in Pa.


Anyone else see a judge froze assets due to suspected insider trading?


Yes. I did. The SEC is going after whoever wrote the option trades before the announcement. Glad it’s not me.


Does anyone know if this will affect our monthly checks, or is it business as usual on that end.


Usually business as usual on the checks. Might be a bit of a delay if one company’s check cut date is on the 1st and the other company is on the 21st. You will still get your money. However, there might be a delay while they do a big audit going a few years back. Never know how long that will take.

On the drilling front, that will depend upon the strategy of the new operating company.

Oxy has made a competing bid, so who know which one will win.