Chesapeake Woods Co. Royalty Payments

I have several people I know who have land in western Woods Co. that is producing (but very low) suddenly receive a large payment. Some of those receive direct deposit and are trying to attribute the increase9 literally 160 times higher than normal monthly payments). Has anyone heard of Chesapeake having to go back and readjust payments for past payments?

It could be any number of reasons. Depending upon their S-T-R, there are quite a few horizontal wells. They may have had infill drilling.

They have not received any division orders, so I would assume its not from a new well. I’m not familiar with the term S-T-R, what is that?

Section-Township-Range. (sorry about that)

If they had one horizontal well that was already in their section and then another one is drilled that is also contained in the one section, they may not receive a new Division Order since the interest is the same. They should look on their run statement from the check and see if there is a new well or if there are just pages and pages of back adjustments to the current well that they are usually paid on.