Chesapeake sale to Newfield

This news seems like it is a good thing for owners in this area. I'm not exactly sure what I'm reading though. Can anyone put this into lay terms for those less educated?

The financial/stock area is not my expertise, but you are correct in that it should be a very good thing for the mineral owners who have leased to Chesapeake. I have ran title for some sell offs of a couple companies and the buyer usually starts drilling in order to hold the leased acreage. I ran title in Northern Oklahoma in 2012 and Chesapeake and/or Sandridge had a lease in almost every section I looked at. Even if they were unable to drill on those leases this gave them the advantage of being able to participate in others wells and be party to all of the well/seismic records gathered by the company that did drill.

I haven't read the article yet, but any day you can get away from Chesapeake is a good day.

I agree Charles. I have heard some horror stories.