Chesapeake Mosley 1-23 Well

I have land in Sec. 23-23N-16W Major County and received royalty payments from Chesapeake for several wells on that section. One well was definitely shut in, but another well I thought was shut in back in 2013 is showing active on the Oklahoma Tax Commission’s PUN page. How can I verify this for certain and what should I do to recoop the lost royalties?


I would send a certified letter to the operator with all the relevant information. Well name, #, your name, legal description, etc. Ask for status and if there is any reason that your payments have been placed in suspense.

Last consistent production on the Mosley 1-23 was in oct 2012. I see one line in Jun 2014. They probably have not plugged it yet. Contact Chesapeake.

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One odd thing happened a month or two back. A company contacted me wanting to buy the land and mineral interests I have in this section, 23-23N-16W Major county where the above well is. There is a well on my land that is producing. I haven’t seen any new development, but a 3D seismographic mapping was done earlier this year. Could Chesapeake be keeping the Mosley 1-23 well unplugged with plans to drill deeper in it?

There is quite a bit of interest in OK for deeper horizontal drilling into the old source beds of the early shallow fields. Any time you get an offer to buy, someone knows something and they plan to make a profit. Good clue to me to wait and see what happens before making any decisions. They don’t usually spend millions on seismic without having an idea of what they are looking for! They may not deepen the Mosley, but they may have horizontal wells planned.

Where can one look to see if there are any planned wells in a section? i.e. a filing of some sort.


If there is activity in your section, you will receive mailings from the OCC (if your name and address are filed correctly in the county). You can check permits nearby by using the OCC well records database. Test. Form 1000 are the permits.