Chesapeake Lease ends next week - they just sent a registered letter -

Has anyone had experience with this? We have not picked up the letter yet...honestly out of fear they are saying they are going to drill. Any guess what the registered letter would be?

Go pick it up! It won't get better for not picking up the letter. If it's notice of something, it's effective date is most likely the date they mailed it.

If your old lease had a 2 year option to renew this may be the notification. If you are not leased, it may be a forced pooling which has to be answered within 20 days.

You need to accept the letter.

If it's an option, it probably contains a check.

Wouldn’t you be better off with Chesapeake than without them? I’ve got well digger logs at 2300 feet with copious notes of ‘free petroleum and pet ethers’ and no one at all will lease at t56n/r37w Sec 4 if 5th PM.

2300 foot zone 59n/38w Sec 4 of 5th P.M.

Probably an option payment.