Chesapeake has stopped royalty payments and refuse to send substantiating information

Chesapeake has stopped paying our royalties stating that we were previously overpaid, but they cannot produce any documentation to prove this. We have contacted an attorney and landman, but things are moving so slowly, because Chesapeake refuses to send any legitimate information. Is anyone else having this problem?

We are having the same problem… I have a subscription to Mineral Holders and they are showing nothing in the way of production from any of our wells since they took over, essentially since we received our last check and the letter saying that they pay after 60 days. I live 650 miles away from our properties. I rather doubt that they have mstopped all production on our properties. I have a family member that works in the oil business in central Texas and he is helping us to look into this. As I write this, their stock sits at 73 cents. If they are producing from our properties and not paying us, where is all of this money going?

I will update as I get more information.

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