Chesapeake Exploration Permits 26 Horizontal Niobrara Units - Douglas & Elbert County, Colorado

Cheasepeake Explorations's official application to the Colorado Board of Oil & Gas Commision to space 26 Horizontal Niobrara Units in Douglas & Elbert County, CO:

Link here:

The permits were approved some time last week by the Board. This should be an interesting development in extending the southern limits of the Niobrara Shale Oil Play.

Will be interesting to see if CHK also targets the J-Sand as well as the Codell Sand in this area.

2935-1108SP79_ChesapeakeAppl.pdf (126 KB)

With all of the leasing chatter, it's good to hear someone is making a move. I've also heard Shell has a pretty big position in the area.

I've heard various stories on what formation will actually be targeted. It will be interesting to see what the first few wells target.

Keep us updated.

Haven't heard any more info. . Have you?

I know that "Renegade Oil and Gas" is the only approved well in Elbert right now. I believe they're over off of Co Line and CR29. They were approved in May '11