Chesapeake back payments

Chesapeake ia finally making payments from the Beaver County OK suit agreement. Have you gotten yours? I have received a little over $2600.00. However there is a catch. They state if you cash the check, you agree that is all you are owed an would get no more. They do not state what it covers, making it very hard to tell whether or not you are getting all you are owed. I believe my amount they owe, greatly exceeds the check I received. If you got one, or are owed one, what have you found out and what do you think you are owed and why?

I wii contest the amount I have received from Chesapeake and would like to get some input from you to bolster my intention ??? John.

I’m curious. How much is greatly exceeads in dollars? And based on what? Gut feeling? Or have you calculated it?

You should have gotten about 1/2 what they shorted you.

I am checking that now and I am calculating it based on check stubs. Why 1/2 of what was shorted? ? Is that based on some written statement you know or your estimate? Thanks for the reply. Did you get a payment? Do you agree with the amount? John

I did a bit of research when I found out the checks were being issued. This is from memory so do hold me to the details. The lawsuit covered 2004-2014. It was very similar to most class action settlements. The attorneys picked up the customary 40% of the gross for their fees. The named plaintiffs picked up a bonus and there were court approved expenses. The details are on the website included with the payments.

Yes, we did get a settlement check. Three of them and nothing to tie them back to any specific well so it is almost impossible to cross check. Our total amount was about $350. I can't argue the amount one way or another and don't feel it would be off enough to give me a return-on-investment of the time it would take to really research it.

I'd REALLY be interested in finding out how the people who opted out end up doing.

John, Here is a link to the documents.

I just took the money and didn't argue. Almost impossible to tell what they are really paying for after all of the attorney and court fees as Rick mentioned. At this point, a bird in the hand and in the bank is worth more than a dying bird struggling to stay alive. They didn't tell me which wells, so it was hard to track and certainly not worth any attorney fees on my side to deal with it. Good luck if you fight it. I, too, would be interested to see what happens.