Cherry Well Alvord

We have a well in Alvord and someone wants to buy The production is very low so was curious why anyone would want to buy or interest. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks

You may have pending horizontal wells. Proceed cautiously. Use the RCC GIS map to look at activity nearby and pending permits.

Thanks. I checked the site. It seems there was a well permitted in January 23’. The Clyde Smith 2 by Lakota Energy. It’s about a 1/4 mile southeast of our Cherry well. API 497- 38109. Is there any way I can find out what kind of well they are drilling or planning to drill? Also, there are at least 6 other permits within a mile or so but their API is just 497. All these list depth as 0. Any input would be appreciated.

You might find these links useful.

RRC is showing the permit for the Lakota Cylde Smith #2 as max 6500’ vertical well targeting the Atoka formation.

If the well you own interest in is the KND C.H. Cherry #2 it’s more 1.2 miles from that proposed Lakota location.