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I own an interest in abstracts 254, 259, and 988. I just found this information after my mother's death. She had alzheimers and I don't know if there has been anyone looking to lease or drill in this area. Any ideas about what I should do now besides file an Affidavit of Heirship?

Two years ago I inherited land in Cherokee County and have recently been approached by Graem Resources, LLC which is interested in leasing the land for oil and gas exploration purposes. Can anyone tell me about this company and what the going rates are per acre in Cherokee County for such leases?


Click on this link from the Anderson County Group. Some discussion here on the Graem Resources, LLC and other interesting comments about activity in the Cherokee, Anderson and Smith Counties area.

Clint Liles


Do you know the Abstract # of your minerals? If you know the Abstract # and you will post it I will check the GIS Map and see if there is any activity or production in the area of your minerals. If there is activity or production in the area that makes your area more favorable for leasing and the bonus and royalty percentage greater.

Clint Liles


Thank you for your response. I am still reading the posts made by others and trying to understand all the "oil" jargon. I inherited 89 acres but the Graem folks apparently are only interested in 58.2 acres in the C.B. Nash Survey, A-643. The rest of the property, I believe, is in another survey. I will find out. I am not thrilled with the offer they have made.

Marie Allen

Hey Clint Not to butt in, how do I find out if anything is happen around my lease? Just leased this past January.

John Engledow Survey A-16




A-643 shows to be in between 2 oil producing areas. To the northwest and to the southeast there have been production in the past. I see several plugged oil wells(green dots with arrow through them) and numerous dry hole(blue circles with arrows through them) and in the distance to the northeast some gas wells.

GIS Map of A-643:

Clint Liles

Hello Chris,

Looks like you have 1 gas well on your A-16(API 073-31114). And numerous gas wells to the northwest of your minerals interest. Also 1 gas well to the east of your A-16 and also several dry holes have been drilled in the past. Past dry holes don't mean much now days.

Drilling permit link for API # 073-31114:


No completion report found for this gas well.

GIS Map of A-16 and surrounding area:

Clint Liles

Thank you for the information. Before signing anything I need to be informed and you have been very helpful. How many acres do the leasing entities want for a well? I am quite certain they will want to pool.


It will depend on if it is a Vertical or Horizontal well. It will definitely be different.

Clint Liles

thanks Clint


Clint Liles

Clint, when I try to bring in your web attachment, it will not come in for me. Can you tell me how to access your reports? Thanks. Dick Gaut

Hello George,

If you are referring to the 'Cherokee County Oil and Gas Permits', try this link:

Clint Liles

Inherited mineral interests in Cherokee Cnty. Have deed in hand. Recorded there about 1931. Other interests in Loving, Wood, and Van Zandt, TX. Hold mineral deeds for McCurtain Cnty, OK.

New to all this. Want to explore O&G in Cherokee relative to holding.

More later toward January.

John R. Rochelle ( RET.), 1999 Professor of History University of Louisiana System Houma, LA 70364 Resident of Lafourche Parish

Rochelle mineral interest in Cherokee County UPDATED

Interested in review/evaluation of interest...have deed in hand dated 28th day of January 1931. Perhaps??...small acreage "Being the North one half of block#19 of the WM. George League of land" To quote further, "THIS CONVEYANCE covers bllocks #1 & #2 of the J.A. Hicks and O.E. Malone Sub-division of the J. Ed. Martin tract above described...."

Metes and bounds stated in deed

John R. Rochelle

Houma, LA

UPDATE TO ROCHELLE MINERAL INTEREST. The following obtained from TX Land Survey...Willima George Survey, Abstract Number 073295 or A-295. Another source...

Deed filed 30th of January 1931 recorded 7th of February 1931 at Rusk, TX VOL.146 Page 430

I leased some mineral rights in Cherokee county last month and I was wondering how you would find out about exploration in that area. Abstract 25.

Any possibility of leasing land in Cherokee County near Mixon, Texas? I have a part in 56 acres of undivided property and either want to lease or sell my part.