Checks stopped

I inherited mineral rights on some land in Palo Pinto county in Texas. The paperwork was sent in and the checks started coming in a couple months later. The checks were very small. Couple hundred dollars at the most. The checks stopped after about seven months. I contacted the production company which is Arrowhead out of Ft Worth. The owner told me the wells were probably having some line issues and such and he’d look into it and it might just be an error. Didnt hear anything for a while so I called back. He then told me the wells were old and the gas wasnt very good quality and it really wasnt worth their time to invest any money there. He also mentioned selling it to another company that might be willing to invest, where he wasnt. So anyway, they dont answer my calls anymore and havent received a check since. Am I just dead in the water? Should I pursue this in anyway? Do I just wait and see if somebody does something, and if they do, will they contact me? Does this sound like the lease is just petered out and done for good? Does this sound normal? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Rex H

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