Checking drilling on property

How can you check to make sure someone’s not drilling on your property ? What if they are without a lease ? Thanks for your help.

I assume from your question that you do not live on the property in question, or else the answer would be obvious.

No Company is going to intentionally drill a multi-million dollar well where they don’t have the legal right to do so. That’s simply too big of a risk to take. Mistakes have happened, but they are not very common.

Every State has its own regulatory agency that issues drilling permits and tracks production. If you want to check on activity in your area, you should start there. Most State agencies have websites that allow you to do your own research.

I’m trying to find out if they are drilling in pleasents county. Have not received any money for the last three years. I’ve signed a least and you can’t talk to anyone on the phone. Who is in charge? how do I get some answers? Can anyone help me. Was promised 2000 acre, 15 % royaltys. Should I get an attorney?

enerlex is trying to get us to sell our mineral rights, we said no now they only want to give us a little bit of money each month to drill. they are threatening to not pay us at all now.