Check without a division order?

While I admit to knowing next to nothing except how to cash a royalty check, in the 30 years I've been receiving them, I don't ever remember getting a check without signing division orders first, yet I received a check from Rimrock today for the Herrin 1-32-29H (from August-Nov). I'm leary cashing this check as it would then seem to give approval of the interest % they are paying which seems low. Any advise or am I making a mountain out of a molehill?


I'm in the same situation. Received a check on the same well without division papers. This is my first time for receiving a check on a well. Should Rimrock be paying us interest on the time from august to November? Do you have an interest in MCCAA 1-30-19H? I have not received any thing yet, maybe a check before division orders on it also?

When you say "interest %," are you talking about your royalty interest in the well (your share of the total production from the well) as opposed to "interest" as the interest earned on a savings account?

Sounds like they paid your royalty interest in the well in January to avoid having to pay interest on royalty paid late.

Thanks Frank. I meant interest like a savings account. How much time do they have before paying savings type interest?


Refer back to Discussions on the main forum in May, 2017, M Barnes explained why we may not get division orders.

I'm talking about royalty interest in the production (based on the lease terms). (and thanks for replying so quickly Frank and Don!)

One of my clients has a working interest in this well. When he received a check I checked with Rimrock and they said that by cashing it he was not being held to the number that they had on stub. That the final division order was not completed.

They have six months to pay before they are required to pay interest

Darla, thank you so much for the info.


Thank you Darla! That's exactly the information I was looking for.

This has happened to me on three occasions in Grady and McClain Counties. It prevents the 12% penalty.

I have mineral rights that I just discovered inMartin County Texas. I have been paying Taxes on the rights for several years. There are several Producing wells. I have not seen a dime in royalties. What do I do?