Check Stub Managment

I know a large issue we have had with check stubs is how to pull out the information I/CPA need especially if you have multiple checks. I use a company/software called to manage check stub information. Has anyone else come across software or an easier way to import in check stubs that will grab the data like this for visualization and ease of use for CPA?

Oildex charges about $53/mo. for x number of lines of data. They carry data for 40+ producers, and your CPA can import the data directly into his software for several types of software, although Wolfpack is the only I know for sure. If you want to track payments by well, it is a good option.

A second data provider is JIB, and they have a limited number of companies. Not familiar with what data they carry, though.

I would love to see what those reports look like. I just review stubs monthly, add royalty and bonus deposits for quarterlies and check balances at yrs end against 1099s as they come in and check deposits against