Check out the Montana site for well information

I've found if I click onto and then click on "On-line date" and then click on "Live Data Access"....this is packed full of information about old and new wells in Roosevelt County. I found 3 "old" wells that were capped and closed in the 60's through the 80's....and also an up to date on a well being drilled in a section our LLC owns the mineral rights too. And, it also lists production totals by month for the existing wells... It's a good and somewhat up to date site. On the well that is producing in our section, it had the production totals for the end of September...but October was not listed yet.


After you get to the "Live Data Access", what area do you click on next as there are numerous choices. I've been to this site in the past without much luck. I wish that MT had the type site that ND has in regards to getting information. that you clicked on "Live Data Access", you get to the page that has "Home", "GIS", "Wells", etc... across the top. Let's say you want to check on a particular section of land that you have mineral rights to.

Thus, click on Wells. Then, a screen pops up where you can click onthe left button that says "API#". Being I dont' know the API number, click on the drop down and then click on "Location (T-R-S).

THen, leave the drop down that says "Begins with" alone...this you only use if looking for the name of a particular well or the name of a particular oil company.

Now, you have on the left "Location (T-R-S). Enter your site in the empty spot to the right: one of our locations is 28N-58E-19. Hit the enter button, and you'll see on the left side of the screen that there are TWO wells in this section: the Beulah Irene and the Harmon. CLick on the one that you want to see...and the information will show up in the main section of the screen...use the tabs on the top to go between history, location, production, etc..

I hope this works for you. Good luck.

And...further....when you get to the first page that has "home", "GIS", "Wells", etc.. across the top, you can click on "GIS" and this will give you a map of Montana. When you click and drag your mouse to highlight a small section of Montana, it will give you the location of the wells in those sections as well as red lines coming from the horizontal wells that show how the well goes under the sections where they are being drilled. It's really pretty cool to have some fun with!!

And, I'll add another.

After you click on wells...if you want to look up wells by a particular company, click on that left hand drop down button...and you'll get a menu that includes company, well names, location, etc... CLick on company, then on the next box click on "beings with" and in the open space to the right enter "Oasis" or whatever the name of the company is...and the left side of the screen will show the wells that that particular company owns and operates. It's really pretty slick once you play with it for a while.


Thanks for all of this info. I have never messed with this site in the past but I will play with it some and see what I come up with. Currently, there are no active wells on our mineral areas but hopefully, things will be changing in the next couple of years. You would think that when you have minerals in 5 different sections near the ND border, someone will eventually drill. Thanks again!!