Check from Citizen Energy - Commando wells

Did anyone else get an unusual payment from Citizen Energy for the Commando wells in sections 12/13 5N4W? I just reviewed the April’s statement (payment for February) and the gas revenue is out the roof but practically no oil production. Thoughts? Is this because of the extreme cold snap and greater demand?

I suspect the increase in gas prices is the cause. Enjoy that one month! Several of my checks have been higher than usual on the gas side for February. You can read the statements and compare the price per BTU on the January gas sales versus the Feb sales. That would give you a good indication.

Has nothing to do with BTU and everything to do with wells that were able to produce above their allowable so the price was strictly for the 7-10 day freeze. You shouldn’t expect that again in you lifetime, literally!

Another good possibility. Check your Jan versus Feb check stubs and see if your volumes raised significantly and/or if your price per BTU changed. Hopefully, we will not get another freeze like that again. Or if we do, the grid will be better prepared.

Thanks! price per BTU was $36, so way way up!

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