Chavez County New Mexico

I have 160 Acres I am wanting to look into Leasing in Chavez County New Mexico. Any interested in the area?

I moved this over to New Mexico for you. May get more readers there.

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Thank you! Where are you located? I have some stuff in Texas I’d like to speak with you about as well as this NM stuff.

Most of mine is in OK. I just move questions to the right spot so others will get more readers.

Fourth generation mineral owner and currently manage all the minerals for our family over several states. Training the fifth generation now. 35 years as an exploration and production geologist for a major oil company.

John, post this over in Grady County OK

TPR Mid-Continent has a pending set of cases at the OCC for a horizontal well.

Yes, I have contacted them but if they don’t go in and drill. It worries me.