Chaparral Sale of Kay County Production

Chaparral has been producing substantial oil in the area benefiting from the CO2 enhanced recovery in the area immediately to the east of my mineral interests. Since my royalty payments from Kay Co have stopped I need to know who has picked up the lease and in producing from the interests that I own in 15 27N 5E. Can anyone shed light on this issue?

Yes, I can…and it’s a very long and complicated matter. If you’d like to speak to me directly feel free to IM me with email or phone #. The whole evolution of the Chaparral selloff of their proposed EOR interests in the North Burbank was to a company called Perdure Petroleum. Perdure is a mystery company of which there is almost no information. I am directly involved in an identical scenario to yours close to your lease in 9 27N 5E. I’ve actually posted a similar question some weeks ago with little input from members. I do know Perdure has either stopped all production as of Dec.1, 2017… or they are not paying royalties. I am currently involved with the OCC in an ongoing investigation with my lease. IMHO, the $170 million purchase of Chaparral’s interests was very shady. There is alot of info on this. I encourage you to contact me at

Is there any well or leasing activity in Kay County section 10-27N-5E. This was leased until last year and I have nothing on it this year.