Change of ownership


My mother, the owner of oil and gas rights located in several counties in Oklahoma had an attorney in Georgia establish a trust with my name as well as my sister’s name. If we live in Georgia, how do we go about changing the name on the deeds? We would love to visit OK but not travel to 27 different counties!

Thank you in advance for any advice. kakins


Krsiten: Good news, you don’t have to travel to the 27 counties or even to Oklahoma. This can be handled by mail. You will need deeds for each of the counties which is fairly simple. You will also need an affidavit of successor trustee showing that the individual signing the deed has that authority.

We would love to have you visit.


Thank you so much for your help! Do I contact the individual counties for deeds or is there a website that has these form available for downloading.

My sister visits yearly for an OU football game…does that count?!