Change of Ownership- royalty notification

We recently purchased a property that is apart of an oil lease ( they drill in a field behind our house that we do not own) however the 10 acres we own was once apart of the 110 acres in the original oil and gas lease which states if the land we’re ever to be divided the royalties are to be split amongst the land owners. We have determined that we have half the mineral rights of the 10 acres we purchased and it’s my understanding it is our responsibility to notify the oil company of the change of ownership in order to receive the royalties. I have emailed them, and sent them a letter, and just sent a second email yesterday with no response. This began the first week of June. Is this the correct process? And if they don’t respond what would my next step be? We are located in Ohio. Can Ohio dept of natural resources oil and gas do anything or would I have to get an attorney?

Thank you. I did send a copy of the deed with it but I did not send certified mail. I’ll give them some more time, as it was sent the first week of July…. And then try to resend again certified mail before contacting our lawyer.

I am learning this same process, Petzler. I would resend either certified mail or with a tracking number so you know when they received it. There should be a contact number on the website (under something like owner resources) you can call and at least someone can verify they received it. It will then take 1-3(+?) months for the paperwork to be processed on their end and division orders mailed to you. It is a slow process and they likely won’t call you with updates. Hope this helps!

The oil company has been notified and suspended royalties to everyone receiving until the matter is resolved. They emailed me today asking if we have title insurance. We do, but I wonder why this would be asked? Anyone have any experience with this? Really trying to avoid paying an attorney here if at all possible, although I know that’s the safest route. I’m afraid to send this information to them as I don’t understand all of this.

If you sent them the deed that should be sufficient. I am puzzled why they would ask for a copy of the title insurance coverage while don’t see any real harm to provide it I would question why. Ask them for the “division order analyst’s title requirements”.
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They said their attorney who is looking into this asked them to ask me. I just emailed them and asked why the attorney was requesting it as I sent the deed.

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