Change of Operator, then silence

I received a change of operator 2/2020. Haven’t heard anything since.

Sec 29, township 1 South, Range 2 West, Carter County Oklahoma

Wondering if there’s any activity in this area. My cause number on last paperwork was : 202000288 Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forum. That is a really old field with a few wells left online. No new drilling in that section. However, Continental has several horizontal wells in the southern half of the township. Mostly drilling for the Woodford.

Hey there, thanks for the update. We received around $80k for proposed lease from continental resources. They made it sound promising in that area… little confused, we are brand new to O&G also.

Welcome to the O&G business!
-Suggest that you read up on all the Carter county posts for the last couple of years and get caught up. -Read the Mineral Help tab above -Consider signing up for the National Association of Royalty Owners Oklahoma Chapter as they have a wealth of information available to mineral owners in webinars, conventions, townhalls, etc.
-Ask lots and lots of questions. Never make a sale decision without consulting your financial advisor, knowing what you have and what its potential is, etc.

I have minerals in that general area. My experience has been that Continental likes to buy up the minerals where they plan to drill. They also report in their investors presentations that they hope to make quite a bit of money on those minerals. Personally, I would rather keep that potential in our family. It is a risk either way, but we are keeping our minerals for now.

Continental is drilling horizontal wells in the shale reservoirs below the old shallow fields. Those shale reservoirs are also the source rocks for the fields above them. They have quite a bit of potential in them.

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