Change of mailing address


I am hard pressed to find a phone number or other means of contact. I need to change the address through which we communicate and receive payments.
Please advise.


You need to change your address at the county clerks office for the county in which you have minerals. See the recent post by Mr. Winblad regarding the information needed to do that.

You also need to contact the operator of your well. If you go on the OCC well records site, you can find the completion record for your well. (Form 1002A) It will have the operator address and possibly a phone number. Watch out for Form 1073 as that is a change of operator form which will tell if a new operator has taken over.


Your simple notice should include your name, current address, any former name, the legal description where the minerals are located & reference to a prior instrument on file such as a deed, affidavit of heirship or other instrument that establishes your interest in the property.


I have another question about change of address, “ can you use a PO Box as your mailing address for all correspondence?” My new location does not have a secure mail box. I am hesitant to use an unsecured mailbox, as I still receive checks in the mail. Thank you for the information.


We have used a PO Box for decades.


Thank you Martha! I will head to the Post Office.


Like Martha, Our family has used PO Boxes for years for all of the correspondence. I still maintain a family mailbox that has been in use since the last 1930’s or before. I’ve changed all of the addresses, but even 10 years later we still get relevant occasional mail.

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