Change of Address

I own mineral interests in Harrison county TX. I notified the operators for my active wells and the county assessor of my new address and that’s all fine, but I’m receiving offers from various operators that were mailed to my old address from over a year ago . Should I file/record something with the county regarding my current address? Please advise - thanks!

Yes, it is your responsibility to file a change of address with the clerk of records in every county where you own mineral rights. The land men start at the county for their title searches. Very important to do! Also contact every operator and notify of your change of address.

Also nice if you can remember to update lessees for any leases still in the primary term (signed, not expired, but no well drilled yet). Oklahoma counties seem to handle address change affidavits as standard procedure, other states not as much. Texas counties were at least polite when they said no and redirected to the appraisal district.

If your minerals are producing, then buyers will make offers by finding your address in tax office records. Some companies use old lists instead of updating to current addresses.

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