Change of Address?

I have had 8 acres of mineral rights in Oklahoma for a couple of decades. Been under lease once, but never actively drilled. My family has moved a few times, and on the Gulf Coast.

Do I need to do anything about registering my address with Wash it a County? If so, how would I do this?

Yes, you want to update your address. You can file an Affidavit of Address Change that includes your name, old address, new address, legal description and file it with the county clerk.

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Thank you for the info

$18 for first page and $2 for each following page. Be sure to use 1 1/2" margin at top and 1" on sides.

And by no means, use Oklahoma Mineral Registry. They are a scam.


Thanks for that info…I hear from them every year, and that is what finally brought me here😏

Note also that these affidavits should be notarized. It’s good to include room for the standard notary information. (County, State, date, seal, commission expiration, etc.)

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