CGS Purchase so many leases

If they purchased so many leases in November - I realize they will sell the leases to another company for 3 times what they paid us. But why did they lease so much - is there hope of the other company drilling? I have leased these mineral rights before - they sold them to J Cleo - nothing happened.

Hoping something happens

CGS Operating has permitted two wells in Gaines county. I believe EOG drilled some wells in Winkler county back when using a company called Roca Operating. CGS Operating and perhaps other land companies may have been leasing for EOG. If a large company contacts mineral owners directly, the owners may think “Ka-Ching!!” and demand better term and high bonuses. A contract land company might work for a giant like Chevron or very small independent. I would be glad to have leased the minerals given what may be on the horizon.

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