CGS Overton Unit

Does anyone have any news about CGS/EOG Overton Unit? Has it been drilled? If so, any info about production?

Hi Peggy2, api numbers 42-115-33826 & 42-115-33828 still show as uncompleted, but permitted to drill. These wells seem to fit your description for CGS Operating, Dawson County and lease name Overton Unit.

Thank you. Just what I was looking for! I only have an iPad and cannot use the TX RRC GIS map viewer.

When I was in that area on May 2nd, I saw a drilling rig on the Stonecreek lease, but not on the Overton.

Do you know if the Stonecreek lease is producing?

Yes, when I drove through the area in early May, the Stonecreek Unit #M 1H was producing.

According to RRC- the Overton L2H was spudded on 4-7-2021.The Stonecreek #1 was brought in around march 10 and EOG is not letting any info out- even to owners of the minerals- it is a big one

So what happened to the Santorini well?? Texas RRC map says it is currently “shut in”.

RRC shows the Santorini well produced 10,263 bbls and 15,571 MCF of gas for the month of April

Thanks for the production update. I had production data through March, but nothing later than that. Has anyone seen any seismic testing done in the area???

Rumor has it,from people on the ground in dawson county (not EOG people)= the stonecreek #1 is making 1500 bbls per day. another tidbit of info- EOG purchased 320 surface acres (N/2 of section 42)- this is the surface that stonecreek is on

Ed, I also heard from a pumper on the ground that the Stonecreek #1 was ~1,500 bbls per day. Can’t verify it but I guess we will find out eventually