CGS Operating Permit Amendment

CGS Operating LLC amended their drilling permits in Dawson and Gaines counties recently. The original drilling permits called for a depth of 11,600’ true vertical depth. The amended permits were changed to a depth of 12,000’ true vertical depth.

The Spraberry wells in the immediate vicinity of the Santorini Unit #1H in Dawson County are only 8300’ deep. I wonder what formation CGS is going after???

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Over in Dawson LG’s 268 and 267 most of those 60-70 wells were drilled to around 12K to 12.2K. Maybe 20% to only around 8500. There was/still is a Fusselman play at around the 12K mark, some really good, some really bad, but the Spraberry/Dean/Wolfcamp was always there between 8-9K. As I said in another Dawson Cty post, a geologist friend of mine in Midland has done a work up on, and really likes, the Penn Shale (lower) play in these parts which would be yet another (hopefully) producing horizon. This could very well account for the CGS/EOG leasing frenzy over the last year or two. DB

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I have also seen some wells in that area targeting the Mississippian and Fusselman formations.

they are horizontal wells with a 3500’ lateral- the Santorini wells have been fraced and came in at 1,000.00 bbls per day

The Santorini wells are shown to have permitted lateral lengths in excess of 1.5 miles on the Texas RRC Gis Map Viewer. Did the two wells have an IP totaling 1000 bopd, or did each of them have an IP of 1000 bopd? Any idea how far west in Gaines county this play might extend? As far west as Seminole?

Where did you hear that? I agree with AJ these wells are at least 7500 ft lateral if not 10,000 ft

a friend of mine, owns a royalty interest in the Santorini unit and that is what EOG told his people on the ground in dawson county.

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