CGS Operating Permit Amendment

CGS Operating LLC amended their drilling permits in Dawson and Gaines counties recently. The original drilling permits called for a depth of 11,600’ true vertical depth. The amended permits were changed to a depth of 12,000’ true vertical depth.

The Spraberry wells in the immediate vicinity of the Santorini Unit #1H in Dawson County are only 8300’ deep. I wonder what formation CGS is going after???

Over in Dawson LG’s 268 and 267 most of those 60-70 wells were drilled to around 12K to 12.2K. Maybe 20% to only around 8500. There was/still is a Fusselman play at around the 12K mark, some really good, some really bad, but the Spraberry/Dean/Wolfcamp was always there between 8-9K. As I said in another Dawson Cty post, a geologist friend of mine in Midland has done a work up on, and really likes, the Penn Shale (lower) play in these parts which would be yet another (hopefully) producing horizon. This could very well account for the CGS/EOG leasing frenzy over the last year or two. DB

I have also seen some wells in that area targeting the Mississippian and Fusselman formations.