CGS Operating Drilling Activity

CGS/EOG has just applied for a 10,000’ horizontal well 7.3 miles SW of Lamesa. The Overton Unit #M 1H is targeting the Spraberry formation. The drilling rig will spud in Section 39, Block 36 T5N, T & P RR Co Survey, Abstract 177.

The horizontal drilling will head north into Section 34, Abstract 1118 and then finish in Abstract 902. (near Highway 349). This is about 2 miles east of the Santorini well.

Has anyone heard how CGS did on the Stonecreek or Foxrun wells???

Doubt those two have been completed. They’re showing the Stone Creek spudded 1/14/21 and on the Fox Run an amendment to the plat that was required for permit approval wasn’t filed until 1/22/21.

I knew that the Stone Creek well spudded in January. I haven’t heard anything on the Fox Run well. I have a mineral interest in the area, but don’t live anywhere near Lamesa.

We are currently in negotiations with CGS for Section 51, Block 35, T6N Dawson County.

Good luck with your negotiations !!

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