Central Oklahoma pipeline replacement surface damages

Dcp Midstream had to replace a pipeline across my pasture. It is approximately 80-90 rods and I'm not sure what to expect for damages. My contact with DCP wants me to throw out a figure but I've never had to deal with this stuff and don't want to shoot myself in the foot. If anyone knows how much per rod I should be looking for in central Oklahoma please let me know. They had a blowout and this is just replacing old line with new and leaving the old line underground. Any input is greatly appreciated.


Frank Duffy

Mr. Duffy:

Sounds like your contract leaves an open door on negotiations for damages in regard to dollar figures but you will need to base your amount on something. For example, the quality and value of the land where this pipeline exists, any inconvenience suffered by you due to this matter, an evaluation of the damages to the property meaning permanent vs temperary, changes in physical conditions of the property and destruction of any grasses or crops resulting from this work. These are just a few areas where you can base your dollar amount for surface damages. The only other avenue, would be to contact an appraiser which could be your local farm extension agent or someone on that level. In conclusion, there is no correct answer to your question as it must be an amount that is agreed upon by both you and Dcp Midstream. Most likely, you will be compensated without any problem unless your damage assessment is completely out of line.

Ok, thank you for your reply. I'm not sure what is and is not out of line. I will try to check with some other people from around here to try and get an idea of what is fair per rod.



I agree with Mr. Mallory. Additionally, I would request that they remove the old line.

Thank you.

Ms. Pat Malone

Thank You