Central Nolan Co. Lease and Royalty Prices

Can someone provide us with the prices for leases and royalties in central Nolan Co. apx 4 mi NW of S'water City limits.



Not much activity on the Nolan County group. You might check Mitchell County, a very active group. On royalty, I have heard 20-25% and bonus $250-750/acre.

Thanks Wade. The elderly Lady asking about it was paid $125.00/ac for her lease (one Section) and 20% royalty.

Am trying to contact the Landman who made the deal and visit with him a little, failing that will got to Devon in OKC.

It is not right to take advantage of a 75 year old Lady, no husband, and all for one measely Section out of the over 600,000 acres that Devon has leased.

thanks again,