CE,Operating, LLC


Please be advise this company has place over 300 leases in Lincoln county okla, they do not pay any of leases. Anchor land group has lease hounds they lie to get you sign the lease using deceptive and unlawfull lease rules. they do not own any wells. just leases.


Could you be more specific about what they did?


They send leases to minerals owners, however in may case they place the lease on record on file, but never pay the mineral owners nor do they return phone calls, or emails. They attempt to buy leases where they Do Not own the well of question. My lease took affect on May 4 2018 and I have not receive a check for three year lease.

Anchor Land group handles the leases.


Same here, no lease check received . All I get from anchor is blaming CE.


You are not legally leased until you get your reimbursement. Not sure, but maybe there is a time limit for payment?


They may be turning bogus leases for revenue?


I visit a attorney in chandler ok today, I want the lease in question release owner of the well and Ce operating are not on the same page. I in future lease will ask for the operator name or will not be signing any more leases.