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They appear to be a group out of Longview that leases or buys minerals--probably to release to someone larger. I put your question on one of the other blogs I'm on and will let you know if I get a response. I would say any interest is good!!!


Any recent news on leasing?


Could you give me any kind of description of the 280 acre Morse unit in

the E Frazier 351 survey? My map was "updated" in 1941

Norwood Smith


At the bottom of the Drilling permit is a 'Plat Map' of the location of this well site. Click on the plat map.

Clint Liles

(If this is not what you need we will try something else.)



Thanks much for both replies. I think you've shown me how to get plats

in the future


Any activity around Douglassville?

Does anyone have experience with Horizontal wells being drilled through there mineral rights acreage? A division order I just received at first glance offers very small interest royalty, but the horizontal drilling appears to travel almost all the way through J Collom A-167 survey under which we own mineral rights to one or more acreages.

Our rights extend from about the middle to the south edge of Bryant Holmes A-447 survey. Our family has owned no surface land on that survey for over 60 years now..but of course will never sell our mineral rights.

I have done a little reading about several law suits being worked as I speak relating to exactly this dilemma...too little royalty when in fact the horizontal bore travels through and sucks our minerals out to a greater extent than a single drill point. In fact they are Fracking the bore area which also increases production.

The production company claims pooling to justify such a small royalty...I believe it's just the newest way the producers have figured out how to rip small royalty owners off.

Does anyone know what I should do...this could be a major new tactic here in the Cass county /Tex-Arkansas area or am I far behind times...and this has been done for years. HELP!!

The pooling of multiple ritalty owners into a single horizontal producing unit us common practice in these “unconventional” plays. This has been happening in eagle Ford, haynesculle, Barnett and other similar plays for some time.

Meant royalty as well as Haynesville. Sorry for typos

We received a new division order a month ago..we signed it. Our royalty interest is very slight indeed on this one. I make note of this Well operation because to my knowledge it is one of the first Horizontal /Fracked wells we have been associated with. On the John Collom Survey A-167 and the Bryant Holmes Survey A-447. Described as the Arkia-Black Stone #1H Oil of the highest producing wells currently in Cass county.

You will know it when your well is Fracked. The Oil production is huge compared to what we are familiar with. Here is an example of the production reports. Went from 1700 BBL to 7,581 BBl the next month!! The production has tapered off some as the months go down to 3,000 BBL. But we are talking a 6 fold increase in revenue!!

If you happen to be fortunate enough to own interest of say .018 like we do with our FP Williams #1 well (not Fracked yet..but dreaming!!) we'd have to open a separate bank account just to handle the cash.

Here's hoping everyone gets Fracked soon:))

Another division order came in: Starcke 4H Oil Unit, Mcleod, North (CV) Field, Cass County, Texas 680 acres. Bryant Holmes Survey A-447 a pooling venture. Just letting everyone know so they can check make sure if you've got rights in these fields.

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