Cass County, Tx O & G Lease

I have discovered an oil and gas lease contract for Cass County, Texas date April 12, 1983. The grantee is Amoco Production Co. The description information is limited: “163.8 acres, more or less, being all of the Michael Andes Survey, A-8 … (referencing) Cities Service Oil Company, dated June 9, 1964 and recorded in (3130), Volume 457, page 220 of the deed records of Cass County, Texas.” This description has not been much help helping me locate previous ownership data and current status of the lease/well. I located another search parameter: “Andes M A-0008” which has produced some information. I am new to oil and gas lease ownership and using these online tools. I feel like I do not have enough information and limited funds to contact/hire an attorney or Landman at this time. Any advice will be much appreciated.