Casillas Royalty payment

Does anyone know what is happening with Casillas and their royalty payments. I have not received anything (Via chrp payment direct to my bank) since November 27, 2023. But I have received multiple (multiple +) documents from their lawyer in OK City about the request for delay in drilling the new horizontal wells. ANy info greatly appreciated. David

Received payments from Casillas in December and January as expected. My ownership spans a dozen wells in Garvin and McClain counties.

Casillas is paying regularly. Were you payments close to their minimum?
Contact their Division Order department and see what their reason is. Have your owner number ready when you call. Sometimes, an operator will overpay and then discover it. They will then hold payments until the difference is made up. However, they don’t tell you unless you call.

I’ve got royalties in the Megatron No. 1-6-31WXH And haven’t received anything since November nor have I received anything other than a tax statement. The well could be undergoing service or shut down due to fracking in the area.