Casillas drilling

Can anyone tell me what they are drilling. Got paper work from corporation commission filed Dec 22,2021. Antero wells increased density and multi unit in section 6 and 7. Thank you.

The paperwork will tell what zone they are drilling and how many wells. Usually on the first or second page. Exhibits will come with the hearing. You can watch the progress on the following website. Type in the case number. Looks like two more Sycamore wells if this was the section you asked about earlier.

What direction are they going from 7? South, by chance?

Section 6 & 7 will be the density unit.

What section-township-range for you? If you are talking 3N-3W, Casillas has increased density hearings pending in 6, 7,17, 18, 19 in the last few months.

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