Case CD 2024-T

I got 2 different letters last week regatding this. Can someone explain this to me im english? Will this increase my royalties?

You need to supply more information on the CD# or your legal description.

Please give the complete case numbers from the top of information. It should have 2024-00####. We need the complete number in order to comment. There have been over 2000 cases so far this year, so need to narrow it down.

Did you get letters as well or just cases?

I didn’t notice the number up there before. Apologies. CD 2024-001763 and 001758.

Continental is planning on drilling another well in sections 24/25/36 of 2N-4W into the Springer Akebono 1-24-25-36XHS. The exhibit is at the end of case 763. So if all goes well, you will get more royalties.

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Thank you. What about the other case?

You can read the paperwork and determine what they plan to do.

Thanks Todd. That was very helpful.

Case 2024-001758T is to get permission to space the Springer reservoir. OK requires that a spacing order is completed before a well can be drilled.

You will get updates on these cases and possible more as time goes on. I find it helpful to put the cases in numeric order and by date order. Then I read them to find out what is going on. A bit of the language is just court language, but you can get the gist of it. The exhibits are very helpful.

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