Carter County - Section 28

I have received 2 calls in the past couple of weeks from individuals interested in my minerals in Section 28-1S-3W. They left voice messages so I am not sure whether they are looking to purchase or lease. I am not familiar with any activity in this area. Is anyone aware of upcoming activity?

Casillas had pending OCC cases in section 28. Continental bought a good bit of their acreage, so sounds like something might be moving ahead. Camino is also very active in the township.

There has been some leasing activity in 28 recently. Lots of offers to buy out there as well. Continental drilled a nice horizontal well just to the east of 28 in 27 & 22.

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Just received a letter from Osage O&G on behalf of Scissortail Exploration regarding a proposed well in Sections 33-1S-3W & 28-1S-3W.

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Did you have a particular question about the letter?

Sorry, I have been out of pocket for a few days. No particular questions. It is good to see some activity. I also received a second letter from Continental for two proposed wells in 28-1S-3W as well.

I guess I do have a question… when is a Pooling Application typically filed for proposed wells like these?

Pooling usually happens fairly close to the planned drilling of the wells as it has a time limit on it of either 180 days or 365 days. The operators want a line of sight on a rig.

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I posted in another thread, but something is moving in this area, apparently. Were you contacted by ‘Bluestem’ by chance? I had never heard of them. They left a VM and said they were interested in leasing or purchasing our minerals in S2401S03W. Turns out they want to purchase at $4500 nma. We have never even leased these minerals prior so there is something driving the sudden interest. A ‘nice well’ by Continental in S27 and S22 explains a lot.

Continental has quite a few cases pending at the OCC for 28-1S-3W, so that is why you are getting offers to buy. Scissortail is also in there with some cases. Lots more current leasing in this section. 1/4th royalty is the highest I see posted.


Continental Resources and others are in procession of breached Carter Co. Units and leases including sec. 7-30 .

Could you please explain what you mean by “breached” and which section, township and range.

Continental is in ??‘possession’?? of ??breached Carter Co. units and leases?? I’m pretty new at this. What is this about? Thanks.

Email me please I believe you are in or should be in a lease with me & my family

If you are talking about section 28, there are over 500 respondent owners. Both Scissortail (April 26) and Continental (May 16) have pooling cases at the OCC. Some people may be held by older leases, 334 are listed on the Scissortail pooling, 93 on the Continental case.

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