Carter County, OK 17-2S-3W

I have inherited a 10 acre parcel in Carter County. There is a class action application for horizontal drilling in the area. I was offered a buy out for the mineral rights at three times the assessed value and want to know if anyone else has any information about rights solicited for sale.

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There a lot of offers being made in central Oklahoma counties. To help us help you, what is your section, township and range?

Cause CD# is 201903658 from 89 energy II, LLC and Eneco, LLC request for relief: horizontal drilling and spacing unit section 17 township2 S, range 3W

0702S03W Enter CD for case number and search.

Hello Tom_Ed_Moore- I have the CD#. what search box are you referring to?- see above. Eprasinos

Hello, Mr. Moore, Sorry. I did find your link, entered it in the search bar. It is a application for horizontal drilling and telling the court everyones name and addressed involved in the land being looked at. I have been approached to sell this 10 acres of mineral rights, at 3x its appraised (2015) value. I get royalty checks from 98 to 300 month. any advice? Ellen

Ellen, What is the legal description? I will find out. Tom

SE4/ NW4/ NE4 section 17 (seventeen), township 2 South, range, 3West

In Oklahoma only the surface has an assessed value. Minerals have a value apart and separate from the surface. I would be leery of such an offer. Also, in rural counties the assessed value is often woefully below the actual market value.

If you had a mineral assessment done back in 2015, it would have only considered the production from the currently producing wells in the Velma Camp Deese Unit or the Velma Sims Unit or other shallow vertical wells. Those wells are old and the assessment would have indicated that.

The current activity is for deep horizontal drilling in the Woodford which is a totally different ballgame (and hopefully more lucrative). Not sure is 89Energy will actually be the operator. It may end up being Continental. If so, Continental is actively buying up acreage in areas where it is intending to drill and telling their investors that they will make about four times the value on the purchase. Hence, I am keeping my Carter County acreage as I would rather have that profit myself. Might win, might lose…

I’ve heard talk of drillers now going after ‘tier 2’ shale plays. However that’s defined, I guess the low-hanging fruit has already been drilled.

Not all of the low hanging fruit has been drilled…just depends upon where the geology is, what the state of technology is, the minds of the geologists, the price to drill it…


I am happy to help you as well as I have minerals in this section and have also received offers.

The appraisal in 2016 was for mineral rights. 18,500 for 10 acres. If royalty interests are 3/16 offer is 5,000/acre. (50,000) If 1/8 3333.33/acre (33,333). I currently get 99-300/month in royalties. About 1500-2500/ year. Unless they spend the 5-10 mil to drill a new well and the horizontal drilling keeps producing at a great rate, it will take me 15-25 years to make that money. I can take the 33,333 and put it in mutual funds and double my money every 7 years?

Keep in mind that there might be more than one well. Factor that into your calculations (with some risk on it). The horizontal well production is usually much greater than the old vertical well production because the borehole goes through thousands of feet of pay, not merely tens of feet. Current royalties for old wells are not a good comparison.