Carter county landman recommendation please


Could anyone recommend a reputable landman in carter county? I have a small title issue on one of my properties that I need resolved before sale.


Scott Heller, 580/226-5218


You probably need an attorney opposed to a landman. While a landman is an expert at running title and knowing leasing information he or she cannot cure title defects. You may need a probate or quiet title depending upon your issue. If you know the title requirements an attorney should be able to quote a flat rate in many instances.


I think I solved the issue. A probate filed in oklahoma county was not transferred to carter. That creates the gap. thank you for all the help.


If the probate order listed the property, then it is a simple matter of obtaining a certified copy and filing in Grady Carter. Small expense in the grand scheme of things.


Expense should be minimal. Just having the folks in OK county pull a probate from 1930’s. They said they could research by noon tomorrow and hopefully pick up a certified copy. Once I have it I can have it filed in Carter and correct the gap. Thanks to all for your advice. It is always much appreciated


I second that. Scott is great to work with.