Carter County Drilling?

Have there been recent drilling in Carter County in 5South- 1West-Sec22? I got an email last week regarding Unallocated wells and prorated proceedings beginning in April of 2022. I own five acres of mineral rights in the above mentioned area. I have called the OK Mineral Owner Rights Registry, but I am always told their records only go back 12 months regarding who has drilled or located oil in my mineral owner rights area. Can someone please shed some light on this matter for me? I would greatly appreciate it.

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The county courthouse is the legal repository of all records.

I usually start a search for records at Free to look, a few dollars to print. You can hunt for your name or for that of a relative.

At the moment, I do not see any recent drilling in 22-5S-1W. I do not see any OCC cases for that section either. Something may be pending. If they want to lease, they will find you if your name is properly listed in the county courthouse where any minerals are located.

The Oklahoma Mineral Rights Registry IS A BIG SCAM. Never send them a dime. It’s nothing more than office that’s takes unsuspecting people’s money.

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