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Anyone had offers to sell their leased mineral rights in this county? If so what were the offers?


Rex offers the current best deals $3500/acres 20% royalties using the contract. We just received our check.

Chesapeak deals stinks but they will be producing sooner than Rex

I have a question. Mineral rights for 200 plus acres, was inherited by ( number at this time 2013) 18 different people. The county sends one tax statement for the grand total of acres to one person and that person needs to collect from all 18 or pay the total in full.

The county says they will not divide the tax bill? each of the heirs has a separate lease with the Oil and Gas Companies. Would anyone know the answer for WHY the county would be giving this answer to us. This has been going on since 1979 and we are given the same answer, We will not do what you want??? THANK YOU PMD