I have been receiving offers on my mineral acreage in Carlsbad, NM. I have looked at the cost of acreage in Carlsbad and see that this Company is low balling me. I know that my parents never checked into any of this before their deaths. I know they would receive a very small check from Devon for the lease annually but I’m not sure how to go about finding the value of this property with its mineral rights. ( NE/4 of Section 27, Township 20 South, Range 28 East ) There is 20 acres. Any info would be appreciated.

You will potentially get more answers if you post this in the New Mexico area and the correct county.

Devon is drilling Burton Flat hz wells there. See below.

Looks like 4 DUCs in the N2 of Sec 27 and one permit. 4 DUCs in an 800 acre unit…that’s worth $15k-20k an NRA in today’s bonkers market. So… IF you have 20 acres, leased at

1/8 = 20 NRA 3/16 = 30 NRA 1/5 = 32 NRA 1/4 = 40 NRA

Take my word for it. I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV.


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