Carbon Capture proposal in ND

I received a notice about a hearing in ND regarding a proposal to capture and store carbon dioxide in underground oil and gas reservoirs. My question is, what implications will this have for existing mineral rights owners?

CO2 injection can liberate a lot of oil which would not otherwise be produced. Click on the magnifying glass icon to the right of the “+ New Topic” button at the top of the page, enter “tall cotton” and read through some of the posts. What is the name of the company requesting the hearing? I believe there are favorable tax incentives in place which will make CO2 projects more common. You might also want to similarly search and read “CO2 and HOW LESSORS CAN OVERCOME LEASE LANGUAGE BARRIERS TO PROHIBIT POST-PRODUCTION DEDUCTIONS”

The Notice of Hearing is for Project Tundra and is for the application by the Minnkota Power Cooperative, Inc. This is in the county of Oliver, ND. The CO2 storage facility is in a section that I have an interest in. Township 141 N, Range 83 W. It appears from what I am able to learn from researching, that subsurface mineral rights owners like myself, have no interest as all rights for storage reverts to the surface owners per ND statutes. Any insight you or others may have could be beneficial to me and others that have been notified.

Thanks in advance, Jay

Google projecttundrand watch the video under “About” paying particular attention to 1:22-1:32. If your mineral interest has or has had oil production, then it is possible the CO2 will be used to enhance production. Did you read about Tall Cotton? It makes no sense to me that they would capture the CO2, which has value, and store it in the ground without creating another profit stream by using it to increase oil production. They may be trying to somewhat greenwash the project by not stressing the enhanced oil recovery feature. At the very least, I would want to find out if CO2 injected only for storage could possibly negatively impact the condition of your oil, gas, and other minerals estate.

@jwm68, I own some non-producing mineral rights (no surface) in Oliver County and also received a notice about the hearing. I too am interested in knowing if we would receive any compensation from this.

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