Capstone leasing in sec. 23-9N-4W

Greetings i have mineral rights in sec 23 9n 4w and have received an offer from Capstone for 1000/per at 1/5 royalty. I am looking for information on any activity in the area and if offers are comparable. Thank you for your time. Sincerely Steve

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Quite a bit of OCC case activity by several operators all around you. Charter Oak in 22, Fourpoint in 22&27. I always ask for the 1/4th royalty. Capstone has already filed leases in that section at 1/4th, so it is out there. I would rather have a 1/4th lease with a lessor bonus than a 1/5th with a higher bonus in an active area. 23 has the potential for multiple wells. B&G Resources is also leasing in that section at 1/4th.

If this is your first time to lease, it would be very wise to have an oil and gas attorney look over any draft lease because they are almost always in the operator’s favor and not the mineral owner’s. There are some critical clauses that need improvement.

Thank you M. Barnes, you always have good recommendations. I was hoping someone who has received offers from Capstone would reply. Thank you for your time M. Barnes.

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