Can't find out about a well

The Garman 18-19 #20532 well township 153 range 97 came off the confidential list Feb 9th, it shares a pad with the Broderson well #20531, which came off the confidential list today. I can find the IP for the Broderson well, but can not find out anything from the Garman well. Why is this do you suppose? I talked to a landman 2 weeks ago and he could not find any numbers for the Garman well either. I am getting worried. On the GIS map server for North Dakota, it does show the horizontal dregs for the Garman. Can anyone tell me what is going on? Thanks Ardis

Ardis, if you go to the GIS server map input 153 -97 -18 if you click on the well numbers you will zoom in until your wellhead becomes visible. Your wellhead has a green circle around it which probably means it has not been fracked yet. The most logical reason for no reported production is it hasn't been fracked and they haven't sold any oil. Try to be patient, it took 9 months for some of my wells to be fracked after they were drilled.