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I inherited mineral rights to Section 35-11N-6W in Canadian County. How do I find out who owns the land and where exactly it is? I intend to file the will and get the rights in my name but have no idea how to start. I contacted Marathon and they tried to pass the buck to Sunoco and none of the numbers for Sunoco work. According to OCC the Bessie 1-35 closed in 2018, which means it was running for 2 decades after my grandfather’s death. He had 6 acres of mineral rights total at 35-11N-6W. My mother inherited 2 of those acres. My aunt and uncle got money, my mother never got a dime. I keep getting sent in circles where no company will admit who owes my grandfather’s estate money.

I would really like to find the exact location of these 2.2 acres and get this estate matter settled.

Thank you

If the land was severed from the minerals (which it probably is), it does not matter who owns the land. Here is a map from Canadian County.
Canadian County Map.pdf (440.6 KB)

Bessie 1-35 was drilled in 1983 by Blue Quail Energy. Sold to Merrico Resources in 1988, sold to Blackjack Oil & Gas in 1991, sold to Glenn Supply Co in 1995, sold to Nielson & Assoc in 2000, sold to Mallard Oil & Gas in 2002, sold to PayRock Energy in 2013, sold to Marathon in 2016, so a very long history. Plugged in 2018. You can find it on the OCC wellrecords site.

Try looking on for any deeds, probates, etc. Look under your grandfather and mother’s names.

It would be wise to get moving rather quickly on it because Citizen Energy is planning on drilling a horizontal well and if you are an heir, that would be important to have title to the mineral acres. You should also check the unclaimed funds for Oklahoma at the Treasurer’s office.

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This is the problem. I can’t get anyone to tell me who owes my mom’s and grandpa’s estate money. There is nothing in the state escrow, so someone got paid, but it wasn’t us.

i appreciate the information about the well history. What I’m trying to find out is which 2.2 acres out of the 6.6 acres my grandfather owned mineral rights too is mine. No one can tell me where it is, which acreage belongs to my Aunt and my Uncle’s heirs and which is mine.

Usually when acreage is subdivided through an estate, each heir gets an undivided share of the acres. So if your grandfather owned 6.6 mineral acres and had 3 heirs, each gets 1/3 of the same 6.6 acres. The acres are not divided into separate tracts. It may be that your grandfather owned 6.6 acres out of a larger tract, for example 1/10 interest in 66 acres which is 6.6 net mineral acres. You have gotten good advice to review the deed records for family names to research the title history. You may want to hire a landman to help you search the records more quickly. You should consider consulting a title attorney as well.

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