Cannot find copy of lease on OK County Records

Hello, I am pretty good with OK County records (with Grady county and others) when looking for recorded leases in various counties but some leases are not shown on that site. I know they exist. I have called several counties directly (including Grady) and they all say I have to come in (or hire someone) to search their files on location. I live in Florida so that is prohibitive. Where else can I possibly find a lost or missing lease? Thank you so much for your help! Someone mentioned idocmarket but I Cannot seem to get any county except Woods to show up

Hey Kenneth! Some counties have a little different way of indexing their records with OKCR. If memory serves, I think Grady works best if you omit the “N” from Township and “W” from Range. So, instead of searching for 11-11N-12W you might try 11-11-12. Give that a try if you haven’t already.

How far back are you trying to go ?

The operators have a copy of the lease in their files.

There are two abstract offices in Chickasha. Washita Valley (405-224-6111) and Cochran (405-224-6360). They have copies.

I once had an Operator refuse to give me a copy of the lease, stating: we paid to operate and have these documents, and we don’t have to share.

Do I have a right to their copy of the lease, if I’m a mineral rights deeded owner?

You can obtain a copy at the county clerk’s office where your minerals are located.