Cancelled Wells in Doddridge

In today's weekly report, (cancelled wells) you will find the list. All cancelled wells are in Central District and West Union District,Doddridge County.

Hi Arnold…Hope you are well. Per canceled wells, is this Noble or Antero?

Where do I find the weekly report canceled wells you mention? Thank you.

Weekly Reports from WV Office of Oil and Gas

Thanks Nancy…That’s my first viewing of this…I get a blue screen that says “Plan Tracker”…With little info…I’ll call the state sometime.

You can try a search on the words : west virginia office of oil and gas

When I did this, Weekly Reports was one of the sub topics that showed up in the search. Otherwise go to the main page at

Then look at the left hand list of topics and find

General Information

Then find

Weekly Reports

It will list the most recent first.

Hi Ancel, Everything going fine at my end, how are you? The weekly report is a very important tool that I use every Monday, as you know once you sign a lease it is almost impossible to find any info until you get a D.0. here is is where most people don't know the importance of this report and what it provides, it will show a well #, a map # & partial # County and District, now when you sign a lease you have been supplied with this info, so when the report comes out I look to see if I have a match and if I do I make a copy, pin it on a wall in my den and follow up occasionally with Denver for status. It works for me.

What happens after permit? Cancelled wells?

After the permit is issued there are many steps before the well is drilled, then many steps before it is completed and produced.

If you go to the WV Office of Oil and Gas website, and choose Search Oil and Gas Database Oil and Gas database

you get a menu that includes Search for Oil and Gas Permits. If you are following a permit number, you can search for it by API number and see the many things that happen. This includes water plans, etc.

When I checked just now the database was not working. I expect they are updating it in relation to the Monday Weekly report activity.

Re cancelled wells: sometimes these get reissued with the same number, or with a different number (maybe reconfigured path for the horizontal) or just plain cancelled because other nearby wells didn't meet the standards the company wants to go to the expense of drilling a well. Etc.

Thank you for your reply Nancy.

I spoke with the community relation’s manager for Antero Bridgeport and he wasn’t aware of any cancellations but I’ll defer to Arnold.

My current challenges are 1) in a pipeline ROW (getting a $/lf comparable to the PA marcellus rate (greater than $300/lf imo; 80% of WV landowners settle with the first offer I’m told by an attorney))

and 2) having a well located outside of my property line as I don’t believe I receive any royalties from it (regardless of the SUA language).

Do you support SB 576?




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